tour to srialanka maldives

tour to srilanka maldives

The tour to srilanka maldives is a nice package offer by our company at    very low price.  The tour to srilanka maldives package include lot of place and resort for visit.  The tour to srilanka maldives package include honey moon trips and family trips. the tour to srilanka maldives is very strong in the tourist sector


The company is one of the few independent tour operators that specializes in Sri Lanka and Maldives hotel accommodation, flights and tours at the touch of a button – 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year. Finding hotel in Sri Lanka and Maldives is quick – and once you have decided on a hotel room, simply hit the “Inquire” button and our experienced reservations team


tour to srialanka maldives


Lying just off the coast of the Indian sub-continent is the picturesque island nation of Sri Lanka. Lying close to the Maldives, Sri Lanka has beautiful beaches, lush green tea plantations and stunning scenery to enjoy. Sri Lanka has always been a strategically important area, right in the path of major trade routes even before the time of the spice trade, leaving it with a wealth of different influences from the surrounding areas and a rich cultural heritage. As an experienced tour operator in Sri Lanka, On The Go Tours offer range of Sri Lanka tours, including group tours, private tours and tailor-made holidays to Sri Lanka which can suit different interests, time frames and budgets.tour to srialanka maldives


Sri Lanka’s proximity to the Maldives and India makes it the ideal destination to combine a holiday or group tour of India or take some time to relax and enjoy the Maldives’ picturesque beaches. Why not try both? Sri Lanka also has several festivals that are a must for anyone with an interest in Sri Lankan culture and history. We offer you the opportunity to attend the famous Kandy Festival with us, one of the most important Buddhist festivals in the Sri Lankan calendar. Discover Sri Lanka on a group tour or private holiday with On The Go Tours.

Maldives Holidays

Maldives is a wonder tourist destination that attracts nature lovers from all over the world. About 200 islands in Maldives are inhabited and the rest are unexplored paradises that enchant you with their marine secrets and secret romance. Among the main cities in Maldives, Male is of special importance as it is the capital of Maldives and the main Island on Maldives.

The collection of resorts and cruise boats we offer give you a variety of ways to experience Maldives. Be it supreme luxury, a honeymoon getaway, romantic spa retreats or utter relaxation.And for the adventurer in you a some of the finest cruise boats to explore Maldives to its fullest. Dive in an abyss of color and marine life or discover some of the finest surf points in the Maldives. The choice is yours.Whatever your holiday dreams maybe we will be your personal travel partner to the Maldives.

tour to srialanka maldives
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